PROJECT | Print & Web Design

Oaktoberfest celebrates the history, the flavors, and the people of the Bay Area. Oakland’s Dimond District hosts this one-of-a-kind Fall Festival (combining Oaktoberfest with Oakland), welcoming thousands with craft beer & food, entertainment, arts, and ecology.The Dimond continues a tradition as an entertainment destination, begun in the early 1900’s when Beer Gardens and German vacation resorts lined the boulevard. Yearly, Oaktoberfest gets over 35,000 people out to the district to bring more awareness to local businesses while generating a unity to the neighborhood.

Our Role:

The Sonic Village was brought in mid-stream on this project, after the initial design was started, and we helped take the design job across the finish line. Having worked with the Laurel District team on other projects over the years it was a pretty seamless transition from the previous design firm as well as the project leads. Our experience with working on festival graphics also played a great role in knowing what the needs were for this project. From managing large numbers of artists names, to helping reformat ads for sponsors, to crafting 101 different assets across all social media and ad buys allowed us to hit all the deadlines with time to spare.

We are always excited to be brought into a project we believe in. It is great seeing a community thrive, and come together to create unity while supporting local businesses and culture. We were also friends with the booking manager for all the music, so it was really wonderful working on promo for bands that we believe in and see them get more exposure while getting paid.


  • Managing design hand off from previous designer
  • Get up to speed on legacy brand
  • Short window of time, with tight deadlines
  • Working with a remote team
  • Creating ads for third parties

Personal Highlight:
With every project it is always fun to do something new and push yourselves. For this project, that was a full multi-page insert into the East Bay Express. It was a massive undertaking, managing ad placements from sponsors and filling in pages of content inside a tight deadline. We feel like we did a great job of tightening the existing design from previous years, while adding some of our own flair to the look as well as some of the ads for companies that could use a little help making their ads pop.

Event Recap:
Overall attendance was up this year %10 from the previous year, with well over 35,00 people showing up each day. The festival went smooth, with 4 stages of music and tons of vendors and businesses making record profits.